Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc Agb-36 Review

Are you in search of bikes that can trail on tiled, muddy, dirt and stony roads flawlessly? Then you’re at the right place. But you’re wondering how possible it is for dirt bikes to trail on sandy, stony land areas, right? Of course, that’s why the Apollo dirt bike 250cc Agb-36 review is here for you to make sure your purchase is prettier.

Let’s kick off with the adrenaline start of the Apollo dirt bikes of the 250cc Agb-36 model that has two starting options. Users can use kick and electric options to power the machine. And you know what? Once these road jets are activated, they cover 55mph before halting down.

And with the flexibility to use both gas and battery, users can just switch over when there is a need to. The 250cc with four strokes and one cylinder makes it easy to run on roads without owing apologies to anyone. Great for two users as the seat is great enough to accommodate them.

Of course, this is sporty and superb for personal use also. The dirt bikes consist of five gears for optimum safety.

Not alone that, the tires also are large enough to secure riders safety when the bike is on pit grounds. In fact, this bike runs full power with no bogs to worry about. I guess with the kill switch attached to the dirt bikes, riders can be in absolute control of their bikes.

The review has enough in store for the audience, and we hope you’ll read thoroughly to get enough details for your purchase. We’ll begin with the five amazing features of this subject.

Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc Agb-36 Review | 5 Major Features

1. 250cc

This dirt bike is incomparable to other bikes with 450cc. I guess you’ll ask how. When it comes to lightweight and proper handling, the 250cc engine is reliable. Riders can move from one place to another with ease.

Because it has been a point of concern that the 250cc 2-stroke engines are not good for hardcore rides, as it lacks endurance. That’s why there is an iteration in the design, as the Apollo dirt bikes now come with the 250cc 4-stroke engine.

In order to be lightweight, reliable for hardcore racing and dependable for endurance rides. The engine uses premium gas for its operation and motor engine oil of 10W40 or 15W40.

2. Inimitable Designs

Every bit of the machine is covered with steel, including the gas tank. It has an exhaust with a height seat of 36.6inches. So you want to say it’s not meant for kids, right?

Yes, it’s mainly for adults. There are few things to assemble, and they are plastic fender, handlebars, wheels, and the battery. For easy purchase, the wheel for the front and the rear are 80/100-21 and 110/90 respectively.

Once you’re done with the arranging, then you’ll notice that it’s lightweight. In fact, it weighs 260lbs only. Although it can be mounted by two individuals, their weight shouldn’t exceed 380lbs.

It uses a standard clutch and it has one-ambiance foot peg. And also, the shift lever is located on the left side.


3. Dirt Bike Operation

The bikes can start with either by kicking it or electrical means. But how can one use the battery? For you to use the battery, match the brake backward, then press the kill switch button to get it started.

When it comes to the dual use of bikes, then this bike is preferred. As they can trail on all kinds of roads, and they use air filter which is just beneath the seat. The carburetors of the machine work so perfect that it can help users to cover 55mph.

And when it comes to the number of the mpg, the bikes are good for at least 85mpg. To cover 77mph, then you can just fill your tank with 7-8litters of gas. As the tank is large enough to satisfy you.

It’s just one of the dirt bikes that can help any person whose height is from average and above to lessen fatigues.

4. Specification

The Agb-36 dirt bikes can’t be used on public roads. As they can only be used as off-road bikes and as pit bikes. No remote can be used for them, plate can’t be fixed on it, no headlight, and no speedometer but assembling is required.

It has a carton size of 71.3 inches X 16.9 inches X 37.8inches. And remember that it utilizes a chain driven motor for its operation which torque is 5500rpm per 17.5kW. The bikes also use a key for ignition of the engine where the battery starts at 9A or 12V.

The dirt bikes are durable and nicely designed to gratify your desires. More also, they’re packaged with Allen wrench to tighten the bolts.

5. Wheel & Safety

The wheels of the bikes have four sprockets and to sum it all, they come with five gears. The wheelbase is 55.9 inches while the overall dimension is 84.3inches X 32.3inches X 48.6inches.

While riders are using the bikes, it’s advisable that they should wear helmets, safety wears and all observe the bikes before riding them. Apart from these, the use of the dirt bikes to trail off-road is enjoyable.

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Why Should You Use Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc Agb-36?

1. Quick Delivery Service

These dirt bikes are delivered pretty fast. Please note, they are not delivered outside the States (temporarily). It comes in metal crate and assembling will be needed. It comes down straight at your doorstep.

2. Reliable

Almost every part of the bike is real and genuine, as it can all last longer. The tank is large enough for eight litters to fill it. The steel design makes it look unique and the two fueling means, make it just right for fun racing.

3. Dual Fuel Options

Of course, you don’t get this everywhere. The fuel options and the air filter helps riders to be fully confident of traveling far, even in pit racing. And the battery itself is like car’s battery, but it’s small.

4. Customers’ Review

Many customers have found this bike to be model to several others. The creative design is unique that those that love luxury considers it for off-road fun making.

4. Lightweight & Accommodating

 This dirt bike is just great for street and pit racing. Two persons that weigh less than 380lbs can enjoy the easy ride and for those that need it for racing. They can easily handle it even in muddy areas.

Product Benefits

  • The bike is lightweight
  • It has 250cc
  • The bike also has 4-stroke with a single cylinder
  • It operates with air and gas
  • The bike is dependable
  • Cheap
  • Speedy
  • It has handlebars and other qualities an off-road bike should have.

The Negative Things

  • Adrenaline sounds
  • The Allen wrenches is not fitting to the bolts
  • The carburetor seems to be cheap (you’ll enjoy it better if it’s changed and get more mgh).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the dimension of the metal crate?

Answer: The dimension is 18″ x 3.5′ x 5.5′

  1. Is it fast, like up to 65mgh?

Answer: Yes, you can get it raised to 75mgh. It’s pretty fast.

  1. Can I use it on public roads?

Answer: No, you’re not permitted by law anywhere in the world.

  1. Where can one get the battery for this, and how many does this use?

Answer: You can simply contact the manufacturer for more information. It uses one battery.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that one of the most reliable dirt bikes for off-road travels is the Apollo dirt bike 250cc Agb-36. As it has two fuel operating options for maximum flexibility of riders. This is the bike that riders don’t get stranded when it comes to fuel.

The tank is big enough and the bike is made of steel with nice tensile strength. In fact, it’s perfect for adults only, and wearing of safety wears won’t cause an iffy whatsoever. It’s highly recommendable.






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