How Much Does A Dirt Bike Cost? – Top-of-the-Line, Low-Cost & Auctioned Relics


The dirt bike market, red in tooth and claw competition moves the prices downward for a bang for everyone’s buck.  You can knock down your ballpark figure somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 to $500 for the tightest budget.

Optional equipment like an electric starter kit, battery, and maintenance accessories also add up to the asking price. However, top-end brands come with a top-dollar rate as high as $10,000 or above.

Top-of-the-line dirt bikes offer superior performance, ergonomic handling, and improved durability at the lead of the pack.

Automatic tech toys for kids cost less than experts’ versions. Our guide on how much does a dirt bike cost will steward you for wise shopping and informed choices.

8 Things To Consider about how much does a dirt bike cost:

1. 6 ~ 8 YRS OLD & Under $500

Kids aged 6 years can start off with a 50cc hitting the stores at prices less than $500. Upscale touches, front and rear disc brakes, inverted forks and kick-starter and electric start can inch prices up.

A 70-to-80cc engine clocks in at the same price range depending on the brand. Off-road dirt bike models designed for adult riders within this price range have automatic and no clutch gear, two-stroke engine and less sturdy frames.

Bikes equipped with 70cc to 80cc, slightly lighter, faster and no oil change fall within this range or few bucks more. But you have to pay attention to the quality, performance and maintenance demands to get value for your money.

2. Dirt Bikes Under $1000

  • Kids aged 10 yrs and above angle for a faster, more sophisticated bike. You can graduate them to a bike with engines starting from 85cc to 150cc but at a higher price.
  • Adult dirt bikes come with 110cc, 125cc, 200cc or 250cc will cost $1000 or even less depending on the brand.
  • You can invest for a beginner’s bike with advanced features like improved CDI ignition, hydraulic brakes and full suspension.
  • Variable speed, Supercross-inspired geometry frame and sturdy frame construction add barrels of fun for intermediate racers like teens. Technologies and safety features improve for optimum performance at this range.

3. Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke

A 250cc two-stroke, an air-cooled bike with hydraulic disc brakes, and other features will cost less than a 500cc. Expect no errant function but more noise and smell.

Air-cooled two-stroke bikes pose minimal maintenance demands while rebuilding costs much less.

4-stroke versions with higher torque at the end of the spectrum render predictable power output. They make easy-pickings for beginners or leisure hunters.

4-stroke engines have a more extensive lifespan but pose more maintenance like valve readjustments or frequent oil changes.

A liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine will become a millstone around your neck if you go for a high-end rebuild.

4. Expert Pro Bikes $20,000 and Above

Expert cross-country racing dirt bikes come with more robust, sophisticated engine types like Horizontal In-line, 1215cc, and 71.4-stroke.

The grid can deliver higher horsepower and torque to hit extremely high speeds than kid dirt bikes.

They offer multiple transmission speeds, manual and gear or multi-plate wet clutch with final drive chain.

They integrate front and rear dual disc hydraulic brake with improved stopping power.

The suspension may include air adjustable, rebound damping, shock/spring pre-load and twin-sided swing arm.

Technological advancements added to smash hits unveiled in the market by renowned brands combined with accessories or toolkit increase the asking price.

5. Prohibitively Expensive Dirt Bikes

The premium prices remain the center of attention for this crop of off-road motocross specials in the face of all the scarcity. In the wake of the four-stroke paradigm shift in the 21st century, prices for the top-dollar range have risen exponentially putting the outgoing two-stroke in the shade.

For riders with deeper pockets and big bucks burning a hole in your pocket, pump this cash into a top-of-the-line motocross machine.

It costs the earth but you invest in a fully-fledged, race-tuned electric dirt bike. Mud-loving riders relish ultra-silent rides from electric powered motors to avoid detection from authorities. Cream of the crop models boasts multi-fuel engines, superior engine performance and revolutionary technologies.

6. Triumph Motocross Collectibles

The auction of revolutionary artifacts like the Viva Knievel and Steve McQueen harks back to the car relics put under the hammer. You bid for these unique arsenals as they appeared in the movies.

Highly sought-after relics fetch as high as $80,000 leaving it to the exclusion of a few riders who can afford. Motocross artifacts cost twice as much as the most expensive dirt bikes in the market.

Auctioneers sweeten the deal with paperwork such as certificate of authenticity approved back in the days. Dirt bikers relish the venerable motoring legends with unique pedigree and stance that standout from the modern lineup. Motocross racers like Triumph have gone great guns cornering the market momentarily after their relaunch.

7. Used Dirt Bikes

Second-hand dirt bikes provide you a window opportunity to zero in your favorite brand and model without breaking the bank. You can slash off plethora dollars from the asking price of brand new dirt bike for future upgrades and replacements.

If you don’t know a reliable dealer, search online for forums like Craigslist. Regardless of the deal, ensure you run an acid test for fluid seepage and any flaws.

The linchpin of a secondhand dirt bike lies in the motor. Test to feel how it cranks up, runs and how gears engage. Electromechanical components should function efficiently.

A 4-stroke will not smoke while a 2-stroke does it slightly. Inspect the frame, suspension, bearings, drivetrain, wheels, and tires as well as bodywork.

8. Dirt Bike Shopping Insights

  • Top-end dirt bikes have ultra-powerful motors or engines, record-setting speed, and sturdy frame construction
  • Four-stroke and two-stroke engines dominate the market but defer on size and power for off-road performance
  • The price range varies significantly from $500 to $25,000 providing a variety of dimensions, brands, and levels of quality
  • Consider hidden dirt bike costs like the setup, shipping, maintenance, sales tax, titling and registration fees
  • Consider the insurance class and state law pre-requisites before hitting the trail
  • Always inspect for rust, scratches, wear, oxidized, seepage, blue brake discs and amount of smoke spewed
  • Buying a used dirt bike entails mechanical expertise and paperwork evidencing the deal
  • Cheap does not mean lemons

Final Verdict

The million dollar question remains how much does a dirt bike cost? Consider the engine size and power, handling comfort, brand, construction and technologies. Your ballpark budget figure should fall in the region of $500 to $25000.

Unless you a penchant for the popular relics and artifacts put under the hammer with a prohibitively expensive price tag. Apart from specs, protective gear, insurance, registration and other fees shot prices through the roof.

But you don’t have to pay through the nose to sink your cash into a reliable, durable and high-performance off-road machine.

The market suffers a deluge of motorcycles branching off into electric vs. gas-powered, secondhand vs. brand new, off-road vs. street racing and much more.






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